Monday, 7 September 2009

Fish Head Noodles @ Woo Pin, Tmn Desa

Growing up, my idea of fish head noodles has always been the clear soup kind with lots of salted vege and tomatoes.

I was only introduced to the milky kind when I started studying in KL. It took me some time to get accustomed to this richer tasting version of fish head noodles, with fried fish and evaporated milk enriched broth.

Woo Pin at Taman Desa offers a nice version of this. I didn't stumble upon this shop, of course. I've done some research earlier and there were some good reviews on it.

It was the most leisurely Saturday I've had by myself in months and I'd been dying to visit the 100 yen shop some tens of steps away from Woo Pin. Thus, it seemed to be an excellent idea to pop over for lunch after the spree.

Order was fast and much to my delight, the piping bowl of hot noodles was dished out within 10 mins of ordering. I was also given to choose my own chillies to go with the noodles, which were either chopped chillies or belacan chilli. The latter was pungent enough and proved to be a great accompaniment to the noodles.

Woo Pin's fame is well-earned as its fish head noodle's broth was wholesomely sweet. I like the fact that there were plenty of chopped tomatoes and salted vege which lent the soup its tanginess. The fried shallots, spring onions and coriander also made nice condiments to the soup. Just for declaration sake, I love coriander!

The fried fish was very fresh as well and I was given 3 or 4 humongous pieces to devour on. I noticed that its vermicelli didn't go limpid or soggy after some time and that was definitely a plus point.

mmm... I'm hungry again just by typing this post. That said, I'll be going back again for more helpings hopefully soon. and with Buu or cuzz in tow. hehe.

Nice food should always be shared, innit?


mil0chel said...

wahhh!!! the soup looks v rich and yummy!!! I MUST TRY THIS WHEN I GET BACK HOME!! btw, how much does one bowl cost?

spunkz said...

RM6.50 for regular and RM8.00 for large. they have fish paste also, if you like. when are you coming back???

咖啡欣。caffeine said...

i wan to try it. by the way, u try b4 which is near leisure mall?

spunkz said...

yup. it was right behind whr i stayed last time. that's a great place to eat too, more alchoholic tasting since they add XO. Their chilli packs a punch. Chilli padi but w/o belacan.

I still go back thr once in a while. u gotta try their lemon tea. good stuff!

mil0chel said...

next summer lo.. for sure i'll go and try when i come back!

leisure mall that one isit the " restoran kaki bola" ?

actually there's one really nice at taman bukit anggerik..

spunkz said...

Yup, it's Restoran Kaki Bola all right. One of my fave fish head noodles so far. Oh where about in bkt anggerik yea?

mil0chel said...

It's at the saturday nite pasar malam road at taman bukit anggerik. But the stall is open everyday from lunch onwards.

Cass said...

I've yet to try it...
Dear, do give me a call if you come by again :D

spunkz said...

hope to find some time to taste that. thanks! XD

that is a must, sayang. *hugs*

Des-chan said... first comment here! shy~ Your site seems quite happening!LOL...

spunkz said...

des des... u finally came, saw and dropped a comment. lolx. i rub you!