Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Delectable cupcakes by Su

On a weekend that was furthest away from sleep and quiet, Buu and I hopped over to MidValley to catch a glimpse of the Devil who was waging a war against the Orks with his miniatures. It's interesting how the minis come to life by a rolling of some dices.

Even to bystanders like us, who knew nuts about it in the first place, the game was engrossing. We stayed for a bit till it was time for us to gravitate back to reality again as duty calls out crisp and clear on a Saturday morn. bah.

Despite that, I needed my getaway from those mundane madness. With fleeting steps, we whirled our way to an elegant shop nestled in the Gardens for a dose of ediporn.

ediporn [ed- uh- pawrn]

  1. Explicit food presentation causing arousal.
  2. Usually, induces one excitable with mere viewing pleasure.
2009 - infinity

The wise L once said....

Caught trying to spread A Very Important Recipe
of a delectable treat.

Are you ready for some ediporn?

The itsy bitsy fella so endearing,
it charmed us into bringing him home.

Here's Jo the mascot in print.

If you want to meet Jo and friends such as Teddy and Lulu, patter your way to Delectable by Su at the Garden's today.

Delectable by Su
S-213, Level 2,
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur.


咖啡欣。caffeine said...

long to try those cupcakes but need to wait when i go to KL. U tried? how was it? Besides those fancy decorations and packaging

spunkz said...


under the soft fondant was a layer of cream n den d moist cake. flavours were quite interesting. the house special was subtly gingery in a nice way. whereas the vanilla flavoured cuppie has lemon curd in the middle. expresso was lovely.

the fondant's sweetness was bearable for me coz my sugar tolerance is quite low. it shd be just nice for ppl with a sweet tooth.

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