Sunday, 3 May 2009


I have plenty of things to update since the wedding dinner last weekend but did not find time to do so yet. Anyway, latest news for all...

... the Queen of Humiliation from the Land of Mishap & Unfortunate Events just sprained her right foot yesterday.

So yea... I'm the oaf referred in the previous sentence. But don't worry too much. I'm able to hobble around now compared to yesterday when I was confined to the bed for almost the entire evening by my handsome male nurse. Not that I mind when that yummy looking piece of eye candy made sure that I was comfortable at all times. But the foot was certainly not in a compromising mood yesterday, judging by the times it decided to throb erratically and remind me not to be a klutz anymore.

Thank goodness it decided to be more sensible when I woke up to a lighter feeling foot this morning. Pain's still lurking around, but bearable as long as I do not over-exert it. And a not-so-new realisation uncovered, I abhor the feeling of being an invalid.

Much love & appreciation to the attentive male nurse for catering to my whims, rubbing the sprain and cheering me up. Equal love and appreciation to the family for all their love, concern and worries. I love you all. And thanks Spooky for the warm mms. =)

Other updates coming up in posts soon:

  1. I have a new fridge
  2. We shopped
  3. We got Kreme-d
  4. Zorbball

Over all, this weekend's been totally out-of-this-world with all the stuff that took place. Even the dang foot contributed to a fair share of laughs and amusement. For once in a blue moon, I didn't even care that much that I had to work yesterday.

3 days of euphoria, I must be in heaven...

Life's sweet and I'm truly thankful for the blessings~


milochel said...

arhH!! you got Kreme-d edi!! I haven'T@@

aduuu ur foot =.= i still rmb the time u slammed into Diyan (is his name diyan.. @.@ I'm getting old..) and broke ur specs.. and bled in ur face.. i tink spunkz shd be changed to klunkz soon.. :p

hope ur foot gets better :)

spunkz said...

klunkz!? perhaps.. just perhaps. lolx.

i didn't slam into ardiyan siregar dat fella. i slammed into this new girl with a haughty look. can't rmb her name. she walked away w/o saying sorry. o_O"

anyways, the foot's better ady. thanks! i've got a big bruise thr but not as impressive as yours. wuahaha.