Saturday, 21 July 2007

soupy soup soupz

The 2 chocolate wafer bars made me feel extremely cloyed.. I had to scrape off that taste from my tongue with something, a food... something sourish but not too overwhelming...twas the moment when i developed a sudden craving for tomato soup. Sweet and tangy with bits of vege floating around...

Henceforth within minutes... Chop chop chop.... everything was dumped into my beloved auto-pilot cooking pot. Some stir-frying and boiling later, that appetizing tomato-ish smell wafted from the kitchen into my bedroom. I went and took a look. *taps finger on table* Something seems to be missing... something substantial, something chewy. Ahhhh... there it is. That's when I threw in some elbow pasta to boil. Unfortunately, clumsy spunkz accidentally put in too much of the elbow pasta. oops. hehe. After waiting for the pasta to cook al dente, I stirred in some cheddar cheese for that salty ooomph and to diminish the tartness before dishing out the bounty.

Chewy fat elbow pasta and chunky greens swimming in glorious tomato soup never looked better at this moment... *twinkles*

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