Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Hurricane recount

*blink blink*

1st question: Hmm.. looks relatively simple. *Scribble scribble....*

2nd question: Ooch... i know this!! i know this! Wait! I forgot again! *Jots feebly*

3rd question: Damn... I got the factors from the various chapters mixed up. Now which should I write? *contemplates*

4th question: hey, I remember the formula. (^-^) (Minutes later....) Hmm... how come I can't apply it?? *grabs hair in frustration*

5th question: I'm positive I read it before. I remembered the facts... Stay calm... stay calm.. but not to the extent of which element is responsible for which properties. *knitted eyebrows*

6th question: *blink blink* The evaporator diagram I managed to muck around.. the calculations got me befuddled again... Blank.

7th question: Okay. I know the name of that monster. I think I can crap pretty convincingly with the help of those labled diagrams... I hope. *gulp*

8th question: Ahh... my saviour. I'll be rewarded marks for my graph right??? She's giving pretty hefty marks for this bloody Q. I'm stumped by the calculations again.. *total misery*

*blink blink*

Twas the day when the hurricane came,
swooped from above,
and got me creamed..
so terrifying was the monstrous glob,
that it muffled my shouts and drowned my dreams..

Ain't no breeze, baby.. It was a hurricane..


Cassiemarie said...

I think it was worst than a hurricane :(
Nvmla, we'll go all out for our finals k?
We sama-sama mengharungi suka-duka :)
Gambateh for Physio. Sc. 2!!

SPUNKZ said...

hehe..gambarimasu minna-san~