Thursday, 5 July 2007

Minutes of silence..

Observing a few moments of silence for a friend
who has lost her dearest kin,
her mother...
My heart goes out to you on your loss..

These are some of the times when we realise how fortunate we are to still have our mothers and loved ones by our side. Cherishing them shouldn't be done on special occasions only or on sad occasions like this..right?

Why don't we start doing it everyday if it hasn't been done yet? It's not that difficult to begin... a hug, a kiss or just a simple "I love you" will suffice. Do it and you will know it does make a difference.. it touches the soul and leaves a deep imprint in those whom we love.. Aren't these what we live for? Little acts of love that will warm the heart and nourish the tired soul..

I know of a person who constantly tells his loved ones that he loves them everyday.. and as much as possible.. To that person out there, I salute you for it..

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