Tuesday, 3 July 2007

At long last..

At long last, I got my own internet connection at home. Right after I got my fridge last week too. I don't think I could ask for more. Okay, I'm exaggerating but hey I'm really grateful for all these little blessings in life.

Lately, I've been inundated by a brooding sense of foreboding fear.. It's senseless and at the same time makes me grapple between what are truths and untruths.. Still, what good will there be in thinking so much? I'll only end up being baffled and afraid.. like now.

I know I must focus more on my outcome when life gets shaky. And I shall do just that.

As for the case tomorrow, either I know or I don't know. Simple as that. No point getting all fuzzy brained over those nerve-wracking calculations..

spunkz, chant the mantra... "Food Engineering's gonna be a breeze tomorrow..."

And i dearly hope so with all my life!

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