Monday, 2 July 2007

Even superwoman has her vulnerable moments...

I'm finding grocery shopping and cooking therapeutic.. Maybe I'm turning out to be a typical oba-san but I'm not giving it a damn. I whipped up a vegetarian pizza today. Vegetarian food shouldn't be boring. Cooking is easy-peasy only when your kitchen is functional. God knows how much I spent to make mine work.. But, I'm telling myself: It's worth it. Every single piece of it.

Since i've been given an ultimatum to prohibit from smoking, it's just as well. Tinkering with food gives me a channel to unleash the excess energy bottled inside me. I couldn't psycho myself to use it on my uni work, might as well channel it onto something less harmful than lets say, smoking? I should be on the right track, I know.

Points to ponder.. Are there no intermediaries between a yes and no? Does a but really overturns everything?

spunkz to do list:
  • trust
  • love
  • not to think so much
  • start believing

I gave myself these expectations to live up to.. I hope I can really do it. You would say, talk is cheap. Do it. Show it. As I put all these down in words, I do wonder if you'll ever read any of it. . If you do, please lend me your support along the way.

To love is not easy but borrowing a phrase from Naruto: I'm just bad at giving up.

I love you.

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