Thursday, 28 June 2007


What a ballistic day.. Marketing class is a zoo. The tirade of remarks we made in whispers, and some not so loud ones.. I made some really filthy ones. *smacks head in disbelief* Actually...they came out of my mouth before i could even stop them. Wait, do you call that the autonomic response? Blah... whatever. It sure beats having a graveyard for the class. As far as i'm concerned, there's a huaking funny joker in the class. The shite he churns out are pretty amusing. I'm beginning to enjoy marketing class more and more. *rubs hands in glee*

In retrospect, Swishy Hair's making me nervous.. the work is piling.. *gulpz*

Anyway, it has been a fruitful day... and I'm glad for friends like Stikx and Kaz. =)

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