Tuesday, 26 June 2007

In no jolly mood

Appetite-less.. i don't feel like eating for the whole day. But i bought 2 breads anyway just for my tummy's sake, lest the gastric pangs start its furor again. Haven't eaten any yet though. Just broke off 2 tiny pieces and nibbled.

Many friends feel that I don't love myself enough. But I never felt so.. to me, it all seems so normal. I guess they can see things better than I do. Perhaps I really don't love myself. Few would know, if not one only, that I've been toying with ideas of smoking and cutting myself. It sounds stupid to most sane people. But for the ones looking for a channel to release, anything is possible. Especially when the load gets unbearable.. and the inner pain has to be numbed by focusing on some other self-inflicted pain..

Still, I'm sane enough not to carry out these things yet..

Looking forward to a better day tomorrow..

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