Tuesday, 24 July 2007

And I thought it was the peanuts..

I discovered the source of my moodlessness... it's that monthly fluctuation of hormones. Hee... I wasn't lazy without a reason after all. It's the physiological response. :) I had a tummy ache too, and initially thought the nuts were the culprits.

*aaahhh...spunky making excuses! lazeee~ *

Am not! *glares @ inner self*

*disappears in a huff*

Good riddance.. shoo~

Back to the topic, we've finally seen the last of our assignments today. Sweet.. Well, what better way to pamper myself for this occasion than by lathering myself silly with soap bubbles in the shower? tee hee hee. Now, I smell nice~ *giggles*

Mmm... spunky made peanut and old cucumber soup today. Supposed to be lotus root and peanuts but let's just say I couldn't find any. In the end, I just grabbed the old choo-choo-berr... Simmered the nuts and choo-choo-berr for 4 hours, err... maybe more. Coz the nuts were tough. I couldn't wait for the sensory evaluation part due to the fact that it's the first time I simply mix-and-match the ingredients for this soup. oH, I threw in half a carrot as well. Was worried the soup won't be sweet as I didn't put in any meat. The vegetarian mutton did add some flavour to the broth though.

If I were to give it a description, I'd say it's a very down-to-earth soup. It's not like the outspoken Tom Yam, with flavours bursting out just by us taking a whiff. Neither is it a wall-flower, like the plain soups accompanying those kon lou meen. It spoke volumes in a subtle way, touching me by surprise.. the earthen smell of the peanuts blended with the refreshing sweet taste of old cucumber. Neither overpowered each other and each was in an element of their own. Yin and yang constitudes a gentle balance in the soup: yin being the "cooling" cucumber and yang being the "heaty" peanuts.

Okay, I 'm crapping again but it sure did my tummy loads of good, kept me warm and toast in the rainy day. Cooped in my freezing cold bedroom, the soup was a good companion. Emanating warmth and mum's feel, it kept me going till the last letter I typed for the assignment.


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