Monday, 23 July 2007 gone

I can't get into the mood to do my assignment.. darn. Furthermore, it's due so soon. Must prime myself up. I shall start with stoking my self-esteem. lolx.

Physical features that i like about myself
  • my sepet eyes? one big one small wor... special ma..haha
  • that cute round thing! ma button nose!! yes!
  • le small mouth (looks small ony, can stuff my fist inside)
  • moi long neck :)
  • da small wrists
  • them slender fingers that blogs
  • oo.. da 2 tiny baby carrot stick resembling fingers. lolx
  • the tooshie that hopefully does not sag or shrink
  • those pins that had trained well
  • the waddling feet that looks too long but ... it works, so dun care.
  • the toesies that are monstrously looooong but i still love em unique-ness all the same
  • the sweet-smelling crowning glory of mine, ignoring the straggly fact.

I must love myself first before i can love other people and other things. like my ASSIGNMENT. The next part is ..........

I shall take a power nap to sleep the laziness away!


Anonymous said...

I WAN A SPAMBOX!!! wuwuwwuwu. hahaha

spam spam.

yea yea mood go away. *i mean moodless* =x

Cassiemarie said...

hahaha shoo shoo...moodless shoo shoo hehe

SPUNKZ said...


woots~ lolx!

assignment habis, moodless dah gone la. mood is HERE~

MAPS~ epy,chief? lolx