Thursday, 26 July 2007

leaky cauldron ( -_-''')

*grumble grumble*

Feel like a leaky cauldron. (Erm, pipes sound a lil obscene 'ere and since I'm a strega in my imaginary world, a cauldron fits in better) Gah, you'll get what I mean if you're a coming of age homo sapien in the feminine form... guys sure have it easier. At least they squirt, not leak. And they squirt at their own will. We girls leak at our creator's mercy. *sighz*

Cuzzy dearest & his pwetty girlfriend (pic below) gave me a surprise call this afternoon to say they'd be bunking in for the night. So spunky have company, yay~ They just came down from Cameron's & surprised me with 12 roses & some own-plucked strawberries. so sweet of em.. :)

Anyways, they're snoring gently in the background now after we went mamak-ing at Al-Barkath. I'm not going back there again unless circumstances compels me to. I ordered teh tarik and the Ah Neh holy shite terrorised me with my choice. *shudderz*

Neh : Boss, nak minum ape?
spunkz : Teh tarik satu
Neh : Ok, teh tarik dengan susu lembu?
spunkz : ah... teh tarik biasa la.
Neh : Ok ok, teh tarik dgn susu lembu satu ya
spunkz : Neh, kan semua teh tarik juga dgn susu lembu....
*thinks: which part of teh tarik biasa duncha understand? pls dun traumatise me like this...*
Neh : Tak tak.. teh tarik kita dgn susu lembu. Special. Ok ya.
*sien of arguing*
spunkz : Neh... bagi satu teh tarik biasa je.
Neh : dgn susu lembu ya ya..

I would have growled, sprang at his neck and snapped it in half had cuzz not sensed the dangerous tone in my voice. Cuzz quickly dispelled him off by saying the same thing as I did and he actually understood. wat the fuuk...

After the la-teh (Hokkien: stir tea) session, we went to Mc Duh for some fries and witnessed a drunk lady throwing a fit there. Her bewildered bf couldn't bear her antics and hollered at her before dragging her away fbefore a bigger scene was made.

My my, how interesting... The guy looked sort of wimpy in the first place. However after he shouted at her, me and Chin (cuzzie's gf) thought he was pretty yeng or cool. Well, only at that particular moment la.. *Snaps back to reality* Aduh, I think I really can tapau dy. Whole day glued to watching some shippuuden episodes... jahat betuii.. addictive sial....

Today's dinner: cereals & cold milk, baked potato wedges rubbed with salt and black pepper, topped with melted cheese & mayo... heavenly~ =p


blowfly said...

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Cassiemarie said...

hahaha... i also here mah!!
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SPUNKZ said...

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Bawwie said...

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SPUNKZ said...

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