Sunday, 5 September 2010

Appam @ Chanai & Chaya, TTDI Market

I once asked a dear friend why he always wakes up early irregardless whether it is a week day or a weekend.

He shrugged his shoulders and said;
"I'll only have half of my waking hours left if i slept till noon. Feels like such a waste."

For a guy who normally gives me crappy answers to annoy the shit out of me, he got me stumped for a moment.

And that also reignited my ♥ affair with mornings.

I spent my morning visiting the warehouse sale at DKSH yesterday. Boy was it packed despite the early hours. Made a dash for a few items and thereafter, dropped spookz off for replacement class at college.

I had time to whilst while waiting for her, and decided to walk around TTDI market, taking in the sights and scents. It's a convenient spot for breakfast too as I'm partial to a particular stall - Chanai & Chaya, upstairs for either roti, idly, thosai, teh tarik susu lembu and appam.

Unlike usual, it was pretty quiet upstairs as most of the Muslim vendors were not open for business during Ramadhan. However, there was a steady stream of customers heading towards Chaya & Chanai for their morning fuel. I brought papers along and enjoyed leafing through them while waiting and after my meal.

Chanai & Chaya has a few variation of appam - normal, telur and pisang. All are nice in their own right. Craving for a light bite, I opted for the normal version. Auntie sure makes a mean appam because i was in heaven (well, almost!) digging in. I couldn't contain my gluttony and drenced the treat with plenty of sweetened coconut milk. Can't decide I like the moist and fluffy centre more or the slightly charred crisp side. ♥

This is also the only stall I've chanced upon to have appam pisang, a most delightful treat eaten piping hot, with coconut milk and brown sugar. Does anyone have any other recommendations for appam?


mil0chel said...

sial.. looks damn nice!!! watering mouth liaozzz.. can't wait to be back!!!

spunkz said...

=) hurry home! appam awaits you! <3

qwazymonkey said...

Oh i love a good indian apam with the dollop in the middle, but we hardly find them here in the klang valley. I'd look out for these one in TTDI. Thanks for pointing this out.

Anyway, just want to inform you that I'm back to blogging again and have just migrated to Please update your RSS and blogroll. Thanks very much!