Sunday, 30 May 2010

House of Mother's Heart: Healthy Vegetarian Food

A wild goose chase for a Subway joint led us to this 2-month-old cafe at Kelana Jaya - House of Mother's Heart.

We weren't prepared to see what greeted us inside as we went in without expecting much. Whilst the space inside was not big, its interior was tastefully decked up with lots of mock greeneries which gave the whole cafe an elegant garden feel. Business was bustling as we observed hordes of people thronging the limited space during lunch.

House of Mother's Heart's menu may be limited, but it actually gave the proprietors better focus on the quality of food albeit lesser choice for customers. We were recommended the set lunch of either rice with fungus soup or rice with tomyam soup. Even thought the weather was sweltering, we dove for the latter as it sounded more palatable.

With set lunch priced at RM6.80, it was definitely a steal as it came along with a healthy serving of salad, a cup of tea (not sure genmaicha or mugicha), rice with side dishes of vegetables and a generous serving of tomyam soup.

Salad greens with nuts, seeds and raisins

Tomyam soup with various vegetarian oden. Thumbs up!

Rice with side dishes of corn salad, yummy sambal with bits of shroom-like (u)nidenti(f)ied (o)bjects (UFO) and long beans sprinkled with sesame seeds.

I've always enjoyed vegetarian food and thought that this cafe actually brought it a notch higher. Food was neither too salty nor too oily. We also noticed that they hardly use gluten products and tried incorporating more greens which definitely made their offerings tasted healthier.

Hope House of Mother's Heart keep up its good work and I too hope to find my way back soon to try other stuff.

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