Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Vintage draws: Part 1

I'm an old soul in certain ways.

Vintage and antiques,
I find pleasure in adoring.

Stained glass.
Absolutely, absolutely in LOVE with them.

I'd look at those in my bedroom, tracing the intricate designs on the colourful slates till I fall into deep slumber. It's inexplainable how much comfort I find in them.

Mosaic tiles are another favourite of mine.

Sharing some that I traced my steps on in Ipoh and Taiping, Perak.

These black and white ones are rather contemporary.

I like these because... they're identical to the ones at grandma's.

Very coffee shoppish. Kopi kau, satu! :)

Blues... blues..... blues~~~

Randomly placed orange pieces but still so pretty.

During one of my previous Penang trip, I found some lovely mosaics too....

Earthen and light grey paired with blush pink mosaic...

Note the 3D effect. Charming.

Monotone yet psychdelic.... intriguing.

There were so many others that i regret not taking now.

Well, there's always room for a next trip. :)


boo_licious said...

Love those mosaic patterns! Cool idea to capture them on film.

spunkz said...

thanks,boo :) It's great to know there are others out there who appreciate them as their beauty are often overlooked & understated.

咖啡欣。caffeine said...

same here, i love old old old things, i love ipoh, old enough

spunkz said...

caffeine, lucky you. born and bred in the said antiquated town. :)