Monday, 1 February 2010

Foh San: Oh Screwww!

A rustic sight that greets upon welcome...

Hustle and bustle -
A common sight, given its multitude of years of steaming in dimsum vapour.


This is what you would not expect from Foh San.

To the undiscerning eyes, how'd you like some screw beef rice?

I really do wonder how screwed beef tastes like. hmmm...

Now now... let's get back to the more virginal creations, shall we? *winks*


Okay, these are what you'd actually expect from Foh San.

I thought this friendly auntie deserved the honorific 1st photo coz..
she was kind, not haughty and ALSO didn't treat us like flies...

Her pretty wares. Ouch. Sounds. so. salah.
But they look so yummy la. All of em.

Ta-raa~ I'm addicted to these so much I come back for 'em everytime.

Bouncy balls to die for.
Though the more apt word should be springy, I presume.

Deep fried prawn dumplings with dubious cum-looking sauce.

Yummy dumplings filled with "kuchai"

Siew Mai. You don't go dimsum and don't eat this.

Har Kow. Again. You don't go dimsum and don't eat this.

Flaky egg tart that didn't impress. Unfortunately.

Buns. I grabbed.

for takeaway.

Polo buns.

Meh... wotcha thinking, perv? :x

Mmm... you might think its looks are nothing fancy schmancy like those tediously pleated har kows. nothing fantabulous. erm, perhaps even to the extent of bordering on P.L.AI.N.

Was it THAT good?

Warm, soft and pillowy exterior...

... with fresh and tasty fillings to boot!

Pineapple as base, with a mixture of well marinated meat and mushrooms.

Skeptical on initial sight, but a convert upon first bite.

You really really really shouldn't miss these lovely buns.


So sweet and dainty...

After you so gently peel off their leafy garments...

... you'll find that it's lotus paste wrapped with glutinous rice layer.

Let's just say if you're wearing dentures, steer clear.
Texture-wise, bukan main-main/ calang-calang sticky.

I tried talking while chewing and it made me sound like a warbling gorilla.

Overall, NICE.
just. very. sticky

I guess it still made a nice workout for my jaws.

Now, if only I could lose my double chin with that.....


An appetiser to the beginning of the year. Apologies for the long absence. Cheers to all~


咖啡欣。caffeine said...

ooh...dint take me to foh san

spunkz said...

sowwy, caffeine. i really wanted to ajak you out but this trip was too rush. it was a full 3 working days. :(

Anonymous said...

What an innuendo-laden post. Where is this?

spunkz said...

marcky, did it really come across liddat? *scratch scratch*

Restoran Foh San
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