Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Simpsons and Scooby Doo Pasta

Happiness comes in small packages :)

I went to work feeling awfully frumpy. Bad hair day paired with universal unrivaled retarded sense of clothing. It was one of those days when I felt horizontally challenged and physical beauty challenged. meh... Still, there were great people who made me count my blessings again by the end of the day. Blessed is me...

Buu was very sweet to bring me for Ice Age 3 tonight. It wasn't as sight-splitting funny as I'd expected. Perhaps I stacked my expectations up too high. Personally, I felt that kids may have problems grasping the jokes. I hear the adults laughing at them more than the children considering there were quite some kids in our hall. The saving grace for the movie was Buck Wild, the Weasel, with its piratey swashbuckling actions. I think inside everyone of us, there's a Buck Wild waiting to be unleashed. Of course, these are purely my personal opinions. Watch it yourselves for your 2 cents worth.

Nevertheless, i had an enjoyable time. The company was what made all the difference. Thank you, pumpkin for treating me to the movie! It definitely defused my tensed nerves.

Before the movie started, we went to Cold Storage. I stumbled upon these cute pastas and couldn't resist adding them to my pasta collection.

Priced at RM 8.99 each packet, these are certainly not cheap by normal standards. But a little novelty doesn't hurt sometimes, won't you agree? :)

Especially when your loved one's eyes sparkle when he/she peers into the bento......


shoppingmum said...

Wow, I would surely hope that I can get those pastas here!

spunkz said...

Hope you can find it in Thailand. :)

If you want, I don't mind sending them up to you. hehe. Just drop me a comment here.