Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A meal for cuzz and me

If I did not recall wrongly, yesterday night was the first complete dinner I cooked for cuzz and meself in this house. Cuzz brought Crooner too, and I almost had a heart attack coz I was expecting to cook for ourselves only. Paiseh nya...

Crooner is cuzzie's buddy. He's what we call a karaoke machine in real life. He can practically sing any song! That ain't the end, mind you. He sings effortlessly and can mesmerise one with his voice no end. Gah... Me & cuzzie become baduts when we go K-ing with him. But syiok also la, like listening to concert w/o paying the amount. He can sing like the voices of Gary Chaw, Jay Chou, Nicholas Teo, JJ and Jacky Cheung. I haven't even touched the part about him on guitar yet. Told ya he ain't human. Ich. Too much digression. Back to the dinner.

Luckily, no major mishaps occurred in the dishes other than cuzzie's over-browned omelette and my apparent lack of salt sense. Uhuk, I gotta respect my profession sometimes. Cannot eat so salty laa...

We had "Yau Mak" or romaine lettuce stir fried with enoki mushrooms, onion omelette and steamed mince pork with dried cuttlefish, wine and ginger ala Restaurant Mui Heong at Jalan Imbi. Cuzz and me saw how they prepared it on tv last weekend and couldn't kept our minds off it. lolx. The impetus one gets from watching food programmes.

Clever me forgot to snap pictures of our first home-cooked meal too. *smacks self* Everyone dug in too fast. No chance oso. Until finish everything ony I rmb. *pouts*

*This is a filler post because I need to blog so that I can write my articles simultaneously. Weird, me knows. Today is not a fruitful day because inspirations are just not coming in. The only mischief managed was non work related - discovering 2 icon sites with loadsa .png files which I can use for photo editting. happiness~

* Today's gratitude thought is on how Buu always offers to help me wash up after meals. It transpired after the meal last night because I was the one preparing, cooking and cleaning up. Crooner did offer but I declined since he's the guest. Anyhow, I'm grateful for the blessing which I have in Buu's thoughtfulness. I appreciate it. :)

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