Sunday, 14 June 2009

A working Sunday

Backdated bento posts for Buu.

Heart shaped tuna sandwich

More tuna sandwiches

Noodles with curry chicken.

The weather's so beautiful today. What a perfect weekend it'd be if I'm not working later. Ah, duty calls... you're a bother. Lazy Sundays, I miss you.


fatboybakes said...

what a pwetty blog. saw u on my twitter request!

My-Hobbys said...

i love that bento set!!! hehe =)

spunkz said...

Wow, Mr FBB! What an honour, thanks for gracing my humble abode. Am a long time reader of your blog. Your cakes and pies are drool-licious! (Geez, i hope i don't sound like some deranged stalker here.)

Saw u on twitter and hence requested for add. But hey if its personal, I understand. :)

allthingspurple said...

Kimberly saw your pretty heart sandwhich and says,"momma, I want this for school tomorrow" heehee.

spunkz said...

hee, that's nice.. anticipating your bentos ady. Do send my regards to your 2 sweeties. :)