Saturday, 27 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Buang Boy! Surprise!

We're gonna pick up something for Cassie's wedding dinner tomorrow.
Really? Cool!
Faster laa. I meeting people at 7 pm.
Okay! Coming!

In the car...

So where're we going?
Bukit Damansara.
Oh, how do we get there?
I dunno.

*shocked silence*

At Bukit Damansara..

Are we at Jln Beringin?
Uh dunno.. yaya! I saw the sign. So what's next?
Jln Setiabakti.

What are we picking up ah?
It's a crate of wine. Someone sponsored it.
So nice. Who ah?
I think it's Dan's uncle.
Can you get down and help me carry the stuff?
Sure. Yay, we get to keep a bottle for picking up.

Note the gullibility *snickers*

All eyes scrutinising...

It's here!
Noo... that's Setiabudi. *smacks*

Makes a big detour around Medan Damansara.

What are you looking for now?
A Secret Recipe.
Ohhh... Secret Recipe. I think I know where.
Wah Irshad, you so smart la. I should have asked you earlier.

*Buu sneaks slitty eye look at me*

Well, if you've had mentioned earlier that we're looking for Secret Recipe we'd have #$%^&* (inaudible since I covered his mouth by that time)

We met the legendary baking maestro Fatboybakes and picked up the "crate of wine". Someone's eyes nearly popped out.

On the way back to car..

*still shocked & can't stop laughing*

In the car..

Wasn't that the celebrity baker? You got me birthday cakes from the celebrity baker? Aaaack! How awesome is that! *hugs cakes all the way home*

.... turn left or go straight?
Eh.. Stop! Traffic light laa.
Den you should tell me! It's not straight. It's STOP & go straight. *smacks*

*fight all the way home*


mil0chel said...

LOL so cute!!

Happy birthday JIE FU!

spunkz said...

I help him thank you first, coz he's actually workingoutstation now. on his birthday. hee. thanks chel..hugs.

How's Glasgow treating you? Must eat more nutritiously k? Don't snack so much ady. hee. you pass the germ to me. I also snack a lot now.

fatboybakes said...

webster is wan irshad?
haha, hope he liked the cake.

spunkz said...

Webster is nicknamed Buu. Irshad's our passenger at that time.

Thanks so much for the cakes. he and the rest of the fam totally digs em!

Can't wait for the next occassion to order again. :)

fatboybakes said...

phew, glad he liked em. didnt know there was a passenger in the car sum more. hahaha. such a cute post this.