Thursday, 12 July 2007

Yammy-licious afternoon

I had honourable guests over my crummy lil bedroom today, Kaz the sex-aye and Chief of Teh Banglas. We feted ourselves with yummy-licious taro a.k.a yam ice cream courtesy of our sex-aye-licious Kaz. (Arigato-gozaimasu!~ ^-^ ) Spoonfuls of ice-cream laters, Teh Chief proudly declared that she has always loved the potato family! Guess Teh Chief got brain-freezed, that's why she came out with teh yam --> potato family thingmajig which was corrected in due time by Kaz as tiuuu-berrr, not poe-taa-toe laaaa....

Perhaps certain compounds in the yammy-licious ice-cream triggered the histamine agents from basophils in Teh Chief's blood leading to an allergic reaction in teh Bangla-infested brain. Fuuyoh, lucky no aneurysm detected laahhh... Now do I sound like our macha Mr Veerapan's intellectual son who just can't live without his magenta highlighters? *triple lolx* It took us quite a bit of effort to stifle back our horrendous laughter from this blooper. =P Sorry chief, spunkz just couldn't resist regurgitating this darn love-laaaye (spoken with a drawl...) joke of Da century.

In true Malaysian spirit, we spent the whole afternoon duduk-duduk dan sembang-sembang till the cows came home...

I am cow,

Hear me moo,

I weigh twice as much as you,

And I look good on the barbecuuuuuuue~

(...... to be continued when scattered-brain spunkz recalls the rest of the lyrics)


Hmm.. our topics ranged from politics (ahem.. we not that "sallow" okay..) involving a fraction of our earth-princes' incredulous antics which at times do rile us up to recent happenings around us.

Yam ice-cream, the ultimate relaxant & comfort food to let your hair down. Try it today and you will see!

Ooch, need to catch some forty winks and de-filth my body from all the grease I've collected today at the uni cafe. So laters~


Cassiemarie said...

hehe glad u had a good and relaxing time. I did too!! hehe.. we'll get some ice-cream soon again k? hehe..whats the next flavour u have in mind? :P

SPUNKZ said...

apricot!lalala~ hehe. Chief wun like it though.. :p