Wednesday, 11 July 2007

He's leaving on a...train (not a jet plane, Dido)

Baby boo's leaving tonight. Will be taking a coach on Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) to Singapore at 10.. it's a MTF-ing 10 hours ++ ride to Temasik. The return journey's only 7 hours ++, that is if AKLTG is not extending his stay for the school division training. If they do, he'll most probably be there on week days and will only come back on weekends for Success Coaching Programme (SCP) classes. And I've no idea how long that's gonna take.. So, any wo-man wanna date me? *lolx* Additional note: Gonna miss ya lots, buang boy.. and I've started already..

Tsssk.... As if I've the time for philandering around... I'm just about to be buried alive in work. *gasping for air* Still, staying in a positive frame of mind (plus cups & cups of coffee!!!) do keep me well above my neck.. though I was at the brink of losing my head for a couple of times due to the annoying Microsoft Power Point programme (I'm a novice at it (-_-) ). *grrrrrhh*

I doubt there will be anyone else attending the presentation except for the grading lecturers and of course, Swishy Hair. Speaking about her, she did not let us know about the Quantitative Descriptive Analysis talk today till Kae Shin called her. Poor lass rushed all the way to uni at the last minute while furiously calling me up. Sweet of her but too late, i was already in PJ at that time. Sucks wey, Swishy Hair.. should have informed us earlier.

Back to the topic of the slides, I shall let you have a sneak preview of the COCK i put on the slide to stimulate the lecturers interest.. *winx*

Why the disappointed face? Watcha thinking of? I meant a cockerel la, macha... Aiyoyo~

P/S: It's the coffee, dey... it's the coffee... it's getting me haywire.. (@_@) check out da MoFo eyes.... *cackles*

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