Thursday, 19 July 2007


Food Tech report is due on Monday. It wasn't so intimidating initially. Not after it'll be marked by Rosalyn. Please imagine our horror. For the unknown, she is THE Dictator. Yes, the Dictator loves to pick on the slightest details. I'll bet she can even sniff from our butts what we ate for breakfast yesterday. Her piercing gaze can give you the chills. You would not like to look at her for too long for fear of being turned into stone like Medusa. And her shrill voice is feared to possess the power of the shrieking mandrake, the power to kill .... *gasp*

Or maybe I exaggerated.

Food Engineering assignment is due on the 25th this month, which means next Wednesday. *palpitates* The test's gonna be on Friday. (o.O) *cold sweat*

Life certainly is "colourful",eh?

I whooped in joy when Miss Tan gave us a day off next Wednesday. Said she's ahead of schedule. Stickx looked at me and said: "That means Finals coming laaaa...."

Ooooh, I see..

Finals will start on the 17th next month. Followed by 20th, 21st and 22nd. It's the repeat of last sem's schedule, 3 papers back-to-back again. You're gonna see many frayed nerves spilling, zombiefied insomniacs mumbling to themselves, psychopaths glaring at you, power-gel guzzling humans trying to keep awake and lunatic bunnies hopping around. Of course there's always The One, who sleeps promptly at 10. And aces the papers. Because there is always extra time... for The One.

Ain't my uni fun???

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