Saturday, 14 July 2007

Mushroom tempura~

I'm snacking on mushroom tempura and...... blogging at the same time. Lovely brunch, not too heavy nor too light~ Cooking really is my anti-depressant sometimes aside from blogging. Any frustrations will be flung far far away once i start getting my hands dirty. I remember i used to love observing either grandma, aunt or my mum cook in the kitchen. Natural inquisitiveness plus itchy meddling hands will guarantee me a scolding from them when i disrupt their tempo by stirring their magic conconctions while they're unaware till caught red-handed.

Before I started working at S.K., i was usually bothered by the spattering of oil during the frying process. Nonetheless, my working experience there have erased all that. Just few weeks ago, I literally fried my thumb in the hot oil for almost 5-8 seconds without realising it. Mummy prodded me and woke me up to my senses. Hehe.. I miss her so much. Missed her phone call last night coz I was asleep. Frying my fingers is no longer a phenomenal occurence to me. I did that a few times at S.K. and got innumerous scoldings and laughings from my dearest colleagues. They also taught me how to reduce the pain and prevent scars, by dipping the finger into the batter till it's soothed. How i miss their laughter and jokes now. They had the most friendly demeanour I'd ever seen.

I was most probably one of the blurrest noob in S.K. last time. My colleagues used to lecture me about the importance of personal safety, moreover for a girl. Still, I went around cutting myself everyday (not on purpose) while de-skinning salmon slabs, shredding cucumbers and grating ginger and radish. By the end of my first week there, 9 out of 10 of my fingers were bound by plasters. Ever been scalded by rice-cooker steam before? This noob did. Ever sprained your wrist carrying dunno how many bags of rice a day for cooking? Don't worry, it's all in this noob. :) Reflecting back, that was probably one of the few unforgettable periods of my life. I learned, toiled, shed tears and blood, had utmost fun and earned valuable experiences in management, interpersonal as well as culinary skills.

Even though I'm frustrated lately, I'm tired of ranting and it certainly doesn't reflect good on me either. I do not want to come across as a person who loves to complain about every little thing. Thus, I'm doing my best to put an end to all the rants and raves that I'd usually post on the blog. Choices have their consequences. I'm frustrated also because of the results of my own actions of procrastinating and putting off work. So why should I rant? :) Nah, I ain't a perfectionist. I know I'm a human just like anyone else. There are times when I stumble but that's also where I learn. I have cut myself a lot of slack and I yearn to do better sometimes, like now. Doing what I feel is right and having no regrets are the few principles that can make my life better. As Prakash's blog boldly decrees, "Happiness is a choice".

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