Sunday, 15 July 2007

Mocha Walnut

I have a new puppy plushie. And i named It Mocha Walnut. Why the name ah? Well, its colour is exactly like Secret Recipe's Mocha Walnut slice. And the tiny furball is round like a walnut. Tee hee hee.. =p Hey Blue, I still love you. Mocha is just an additional lil boy to our family.. just like Brownie, Cheesecake and Rootbeer. :)

Hmmm... It's been raining the whole day. The cemetry from my window's view opposite the highway is overgrown with browning shrubs.. They need trimming. Now it looks like a piece of land with dried up grass in unsightly patches.. :( And you expect those poor souls to rest in peace?? Over my dea.... ermmm nuts!

Busy.. busy.. busy... gotta get back to work. Sigh. I so hate my life now. Take me away, someone. .

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