Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Midnight durian excursion

Sharp at 12 in the witching hour, babibu gently prodded me and woke me up. "Time to go, daddy's waiting for us." Bleary-eyed, I shuffled my feet and somehow managed to drag myself into the car, still drowsy. The soft purring of the engine lulled me to sleep again. In between I overheard snippets of conversation discussing our destination. Pandan Jaya it will be.

The journey took less than 10 minutes. I awoke upon reaching. There were 2 durian stalls sandwiching a mamak stall in an open car park space. The durian experts (me excluded) decided to go for the stall on the right. Having durians in the middle of the night between sips of scalding teh-o halia and kopi-o was definitely new to me.

One is me being not a big durian eater, and two is the nocturnal eating of the prickly fruit. Still, I ate the most durians I've ever eaten for the past couple of years. Usually, I will never get past 2 kepal. The most also 3. Today is definitely a worth-mentioning achievement because I ingested more than that. *pat on the back* Aside from that, the atmosphere there was a soothing one amidst gentle breezes and the faint chatterings of patrons. We all enjoyed it thoroughly.

Overall, the four of us polished off almost 5 kg of durians. That was excluding the 1-2 kg of durians he gave us for free because got ulat. Hee. The total bill came to around RM 30, which would mean that 1 kg is around RM6. Not a bad price for the savouring of the King of Fruits, I guess. Chief said her Mum bought 1 kg at RM 8. Ours was a steal then. Still, durian prices are slightly higher this year due to the rainy season.

I remembered back at kampung 1 or 2 years ago, durians were going as cheap as RM0.50 per kg because of over-production. Some durian sellers would rather gave us their durians for free rather than peddling them. We were a lucky bunch then. My house almost had a never-ending supply of durians every week, thanks to my highly net-worked Father.

They came in gunny sacks, I'm not kidding you. Mangosteen and rambutans were also going cheap. I lugged back a big bag of mangosteen and rambutan from Johor to Kay-El for babibu. Too bad I was taking a bus. If not, I would have lugged back all the durians I could knowing how much Auntie, Uncle and babibu adores them.

Verdict: Long-awaited and long put-off midnight durian excursion, success~

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