Thursday, 3 May 2007

Vacation doodles

Got my locks chopped off last Saturday. Shorter tresses make lighter head load. So far, I've been feeling rather cheerful for the past few days. Maybe the hair-cut did me good. :)

Right now, I'm back in the city of black smoke puffing in your face.. It's a bit of a downer but all I can say is C'est la vie. Gotta look on the bright side sometimes..

For starters, I visited a dragon fruit farm with Brownie's family yesterday. Damn, the flowers of the trees are bigger than my palm. Over there, we got to taste the fruit and wine. The wine was lovely with a zesty lemon aftertaste as lemons were used to naturally ferment the sugars in the wine.

After that, we drove down to Bagan Lalang which is now known as the Gold Coast of Sepang for oblivious reasons. The road to the seaside was long and winding and we have some idyllic kampung houses to feast our eyes on along the way. Upon reacing the destination, we jumped off the car and visited the local fish market, explored the mangrove and collected some shells and sand to bring home.


Among the mangrove

After all the hullabaloo, it was time for us to rest and relax by the seaside. As the tide was low, we managed to venture out pretty far out on the sands. Brownie bought a kite which resembles a plane at a dirt cheap price and i got myself a bottle of bubble mixture! The rest of the noon was spent flying the kite with Brownie and conquering the cornflower blue skies.. I was a contented princess with my bubbles which doesn't require any blowing from myself. The sea breeze did that for me effortlessly, producing a long stream of bubbles each time i held out the wand... The sun gave me a souvenir to remember this trip too...lolx...tanned skin with my spagghetti strap marks on my shoulders.

On our way home, Uncle and Auntie stopped down for durians and lokan. We also bought another bottle of pitaya red wine on the way back. This time round, it was cheaper and sweeter compared to the one we purchased at our previous stop at the farm. As anyone can guess, dinner was plain rice with steamed lokan. Eaten with garlic and ginger blended chilli, each morsel was packed with heavenly succulence and freshness which burst with oomph inside the mouth...

The dinner ended on a beautiful note as we opened and mixed the 2 bottles of dragonfruit wine and relished the smoothness of it sliding down our parched throats.

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