Sunday, 6 May 2007

Hanazakari no Kimitachi E - For You In Full Blossom

I'm still reeling from the sweet plot of this manga-based drama by Hisaya Nakajo.. I might sound shallow but the guys in it are so kawaii~

Sano Izumi

Wu zun acting as Sano (Quan)

Nakatsu Shuichi

Jiro Wang Dong Cheng taking the role of Nakatsu (Xiu Yi)

Ashiya Mizuki

Ella acting as Mizuki (Ruixi)

I simply adore all the characters portrayed in this drama. One of which I have quite a soft spot on is Nanba Minami as acted out by Tang Yu Zhe. I think I'm pretty smitten by Yu Zhe's pretty boy looks. Haha.. he acted with such grace that I couldn't help going gaga over him..

Nanba-sempai, as he is fondly addressed

Danson Tang Yu Zhe~

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