Friday, 4 May 2007

Come to think of it, i did manage to accomplish a few things during the hols.
  1. I finished reading "The Rainmaker"
  2. I re-read "The Undomestic Goddess".
  3. I got to patronize my favourite fishball noodle stall in BP ($2.50 a bowl, cheep cheep!).
  4. I went la-teh (aka mamak-ing) with my mum and sis at our old haunt, pissing the waiters off and making their kepala pusing with our numerous orders.
  5. I got to bitch with my mum and sis.
  6. Grandma made me "Heng hua noodles" and "Cha hoon". =)
  7. I had Ah Pui's Mee Siam Loh economy noodles although the taste disappointed me that day.
  8. I had my chapatti at the old joint (70 cents a piece nia!).
  9. I had Brownie's favourite spinach noodles at 7 in the morning.

These are the things that spunkz will rate as accomplishments, mostly gastronomic happenings but what the heck...

As the Neanderthal's saying goes...... tummy happy, spunkz happy too. *bangs the chest*

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