Tuesday, 3 April 2007

A new beginning

The sky looks downcast from the point where i'm sitting in the office. A rainstorm seems to be imminent, complete with thunder rumbles and streaks of lightning. I'm starting my second blog on this particular day, which hopefully can last, with God's grace. *lolx* I've a knack for starting projects but not ending them, which is truly baaaaaaaad (I know, i know..). I did purposely choose to start it today, though I'd much have preferred tomorrow which not so coincidentally is my birthday. But second thoughts about the possibility of me not having any internet connection tommorow *aaaack!* prompted yours truly to start wriggling her fingers and plonking the itsy-bitsies on the keyboard..tickety-tack...tickety-tack...as the typing goes.
Right now, me and the AKLTG office siaw-kias are deciding on what munchies to have at Mc D. Tee hee hee. No, we're not hungry..just greedy and having a "tooth itch".Of course, being poor kiddos we're going for the Ringgit Mc Savers, save for Nair who's feeling ravenous at the moment. Cincau, Sheena and Queenie are moving the office props, so excusez moi,i need to run to get the food. Hungry folks makes grumpy folks. :)

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