Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Happy birthday to me..

happy birthday, spunkz..

It's the official day when spunkz gets 22 railway tracks on her forehead! It's supposed to be a joyous day but since last year,birthdays are no longer happy days for spunkz. Perhaps it's the coming of age and the addition of responsibilities i've to undertake. Gah..but most probabaly I'd reckon it's the environment I'm in..

Anyway, sans the depressing part. To begin with last night, I wasn't deluged with a barrage of calls at the struck of the witching hour as like any of the previous years. However, it was heart-warming enough to know that I still have some old friends and new acquaintances who took the effort of sending me birthday wishes mostly through SMSes since last night till now.

As Babibu had already planned a surprise party for me last Saturday along with darling sis Chetty and dearest Jeff, there won't be any celebrations today. Although the company consisted of only Babibu and my 2 close-knit friends, it was more than enough to make my day. I know Babibu went through a lot of pains just to give me this surprise. It was totally sweet of you, my dear. Thank you very much.. and the same goes to sis and chong chong as well. Well, it's a 1st in my life to have an apple-flavoured cake. (^-^) Green apple, yum-yum~ Unbelievably delicious, if you ask me. *lolx* And I really must thank Uncle Peter and Auntie Grace for the fabulous teppanyaki dinner. Love the tuna and jacket fish, marinated streaky pork and pork shoulder meat, enoki and shitake mushrooms, bell-peppers, tofu and other mouth-watering delights!

Still, today was not as uneventful as it seems. Babibu's parents officially "tied the knot" at the Registrar of Marriage near Batu Caves this morning. Babibu was there with Melvin as the witness. Humorous Uncle Peter cracked a joke that he and Auntie Gracelyn had long awaited this day when both their sons are old enough to be the witnesses to their parents' own marriage to save the hassle of troubling other people. *chucklez*

Well Babibu's diligently studying in class now, and i shall patiently wait for his return in the AKLTG office. I've sort of become accustomed to the silence of the office at night, as compared to last time when I had to spend my time here waiting for him initially.

So in the office i shall stay, spending the last few hours of my birthday.. happy birthday, spunkz... you will be stronger soon..regain your crumbled confidence...and stop leaning so heavily against your pillars...

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