Sunday, 25 April 2010

April bequeathed me love from my colleagues

Post Bahau-Johor-Melaka roadshow, I resumed duties at the office only to find the sweetest surprise waiting to greet me on my desk.

Cue: right side of the picture.

Our creative team members, specifically Su Sien and Tiffany had taken the effort to made me a hanging mobile in the form of my very own mug. hehe.

I showed Spooky and Spookz said my eyes are only 1/4 of the girl's eyes .__. siao siao lor.

Anyhow, I absolutely adore the mobile! tee hee hee. I thought the muse behind it was from my CNY do as depicted in the pic below.

Because my Mandarin name sort of sounds like ducky, I get these adorable ducks too! ^_^

The whole mobile as you can see. =)

And that's not all, the lovely crazy bunch brought me out for dinner at TGIF and helped me build my Domokun army below! *rawrRRR*

Really don't know what I did to deserve such love and I really really appreciate it. No amount of thank you is sufficient for me to express to everyone involved in this birthday operation.

^_^ arigato gozaimasu, from the depths of my heart...