Sunday, 25 October 2009

Farewell, dancer...

I remember her voice.
Her lithe steps.
Her grace.
Her laughter.

She will always be remembered as the incredible dancer in my memory.

Rest in peace.

**Update: Was reading her name aloud in my mind when it hit me that we share the same initials...K.Y.T. Haunting. Just can't get her out of my mind the entire day. Digging at all forms of leads. Insides are gnawing to know how every thing happened. Even though we were no more than mere acquaintances... who once shared a dance.


Anonymous said...

The sorrow still comes to me like a chilly wind.

eVie said...

rest in peace. =(

carol said...

you know her too? she's my ex-colleague's best friend. it's really haunting isn't it? i don't know her at all and yet everything is still blasting in my mind. terrible how one can innocently lost her life.

spunkz said...

she's my junior in elementary n high school..