Thursday, 6 August 2009

Terengganu- 1 Day Stopover

An anachronistic turn of events had me sitting on my first plane ride heading for the east coast. Virginal experience comes in pairs, as it was also the first time I set my less travelled feet atop the Land of Turtles and one day later, the Land of Full Moon.

Here are a few morning shots which I took from my room in Terengganu:

What better way to start the day by admiring this beautiful stretch of beach... nature's grandeur that stokes the primal sense of wanderlust. Ahh.. wouldn't I love to throw away my mundane obligations and soak in this carefree spirit of endless roaming? Oh, I would.. I would. Even if it's just for a day.

Strapped with duties, my first and only day here was regretfully spent with roadshows. Left with scarcely any time to explore the Land of Turtles, I can only hope to return some day soon. Next time round, I'll definitely put Pasar Payang on top of my must-go list aside from the keropok lekors and other local foods I missed. Rest assure, I will...

Watch out for my Kelantan series in the coming few posts. Meanwhile, have a great weekend at that!

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