Monday, 9 July 2007

Shisha at Suzi's

Reeking of shisha smoke courtesy of Haji and Ron. Coke, lemon, lime and mint flavour to be exact. I've no intention of dragging myself off to shower at this ungodly hour. The smell can stay for all I care.. not that it sickens me. It's very bearable and shisha-ish.. (it means nice la,dey..) It's a wonder I'm still awake after the witching hours.. the fact is i just got home around almost 2 in the morning. I'd give anything to fall into deep sleep now though but my brain's awfully awake. What great timing huh.. Still, feeling slightly more relieved now that I've got a heavy weight off my chest tonight...

Thank you for being so patient with me all these years.

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