Thursday, 26 July 2007


How to study laa when my table is so romantic gilerr? *grimaces*

Mocha's perched atop the table and the sweet-smelling roses look so beautiful in the beribboned bottle. Pink, champagne and red roses, all twelve in the process of blooming to their full glory. Our picture is glowering softly next to the bottle. Love songs gently playing in the background. And guess what Mocha's heart-shaped dog tag reads???


........... (-_-")

Why do the sequence of events have to be so cruel? I am without my man here wey.. kns

kan nice if there's no test tomorrow? kan nice if babibu is here? kan nice if we can eat the strawberries together? kan nice if we can cuddle close through the cold night? kan nice if we can nose wub? *sighz* I can give so many more "kan if"s if I don't have to do a reality check & bludgeon myself to consciousness before I can sedar dan pasrah and see there is no point in mulling and miserable-ing.

HelloOoOoo.. you have a test tomowo laa. Geddit, puuunkiiee? wantmetosmackyourgodamnedfaceandslamittothewall?
(violence only intended for self-threatening purpose , please do not imitate anyhow, anywhere & anytime.)


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