Monday, 16 July 2007

Merry stew bubbling away~

spunky's note of thanks to yukiko, you are truly a great friend. spunky very happy for our 16 year old friendship. you care a lot. i very touched. i [heartx] you.

My stew is bubbling away merrily on the stove... After the presentation, I feeling very da lost. I stammered dan stumble a lot during presentation. Aih, dahlah tak perform ok.. 1st question ok only, the rest kapal tenggelam macam Titanic. My Titanic no survivor, Kate Winslet oso mati. Leonardo tak sempat save her. Ish.. ish.. ish...

Jalan-jalan balik house that time, don't know when i reach Giant also. The grocery shopping hit the spot sia... I stocked up on plenty of greens. My tummy bulat giler lately, must start jaga badan dy la. I must say, carrying 2 bags of groceries (almost few kilos got wey) and carrying my berat macam batu gergasi sling bag while huffing and puffing up the hill is hefty workout. My shoulders feels so sore now. waaaa.... hope the sores are worth it, make sure it burns hundreds of calories!!muahaha.... wiggy! I know I'm dreaming..... beee-cause Dumbo also knows its impossible la..

Sampai tingkat 21, nampak Daniel "Tai Chek Lou" (not to be confused with Daniel Bass Player). Good natured fellow offered makcik tua ni to carry my enormous grocery bags. But makcik has her pride juga. Setakat ni, masih boleh handle.. Ahemz..

Nywayz, Dan said Jess (da natural beauty... droolz~) found an apartment in Block A. High possibility she will pindah. spunkz sedih for a moment. Cannot bump into her so often anymore. Cleaner meenachi sure happy. Tak payah mop my drool so often. allarr... Cannot play with Daniel boy's tummy yang lebih bulat dariku so often anymore.. cis bedebah

I sad. Present no good. So cook stew. Wanna see how my stewed brains look like. But the stew too sexy. Can't be my mush. Cooking, I happy a bit. Coz i throw all the sayur in.

I took off the poe-taa-toe's baju,
and tweaked the baby toe-maa-toe.
I banged some garlics,
and got turned on by the pungent onion.
I caressed the courgette under running water,
before my kinky knife licked her to pieces.
The mushrooms wanted a 3-some,
so i ajak them to the stew bath together.
The cabbage wanted S-M,
so i chopped her into sexy squares,
before dunkin her into hot oil.
She moaned n said she wants to be the sado,
but too bad i no like become the maso,
N biatch, hear ye i tak partial to lesbo..
She pleaded n stripped n asked to be whipped.
I tak tahan n killed her with my baby carrot stick.
The red tomato paste fills my bath-tub,
where she lies dead but still so sexed up.

If I don't get an orgasm when I taste the stew later, I think I'm pretty stewed. The above material are just mindless ramblings. Please do not take me so seriously. I do not mind girls actually. Come come.. throw all your kenyal cam getah tushies at me. I'm a tush person, no boobies please. Too silicone for my liking. And I like my milk from the moo-moos. So shoo. Go eat grass. Maybe after that I might glance at you. And pls korek your telinga & hear properly, I said MAYBE onie... you dickhead or conehead or watsoever shite-head.

I spout Melayu non-stop dari tadi. Why? Why? wHY? i know of someone who spouts English when the person's feeling guilty and confused. Darn, so what about me??? I spout Melayu when I...... cook stew?? Soooooo.... pa-the-tic..

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Cassiemarie said...

lolx i couldn't stop laughing while reading this post of yours hehe And i still can't stop laughing, even though im done reading it hehehe.. so funnyla..cannot tahan haha