Sunday, 10 June 2007

Sunday blues

Hmm.. I'm feeling lazy to the max. Slacker. spunkz is a big time slacker. Bad spunkz. Baaaad.....

How can I slack when I still have my food tech assignment incomplete? Arrgghh... history of breakfast cereals.. I still have a pile of thesis journals to plow through.. huak! Swishy hair o Swishy hair, why did you insist on the proposal this thursday? *griping in misery*

On top of all these tasks, I'm feeling huge. My stomach's been a bottomless pit this week. I'm constantly ravenous and can't stop thinking of food, even as I'm typing now. I haven't been a good girl exactly, I've started back on my instant noodle diet again. It's far too tempting because it certainly tastes better than some of the takeaway food near my place, fills me up, is cheap and super convenient.

Baby's back. But he's not as cheery as usual. He lost his bike. And I think he's exhausted from the continuous 2 week camp. I miss the chirpy webby. sigh~ Seeing him like that, I myself could barely lift my spirits up.. and I'm not really doing a good job of concealing. so noob.

It's wonderful that he's back. But I've got a bigger problem now. My endless assignments for sure would be merciless in sparing me any time to see him. (-_-!!!) Dang... I really missed him. I can't spend the coming weekend with my baby either because I've got to go home. After that, I'll be bogged down by those pesky midterm papers.. (O_o) And then, baby's jetting off to Medan, Jakarta and most probably Singapore. *siiiiigghhhhh*

I'm feeling blue...


Cassiemarie said...

Don't be so blue yah. I'll be here to teman you :)

SPUNKZ said...

thanks sayang~ =) *hugx*