Monday, 4 June 2007

Rainy day

Why do we see so many snails after a heavy rain? Uhh..... I wonder. Here I am, stuck in the computer lab because of the on-off downpour outside. Worst still, my house is now only 500 metres walk away from the uni.. (T_T) As the saying goes: So near yet so far...

*Eyes wide open*

The Dark Art's prince is quite a looker. Well, maybe i'm a sucker for artsy-fartsy nuts. Still, he ain't much of a poet.. *giggles* his verses don't quite...ahem...rhyme. But one thing for sure, the siblings are art in motion.. so surreal and are their creations..hauntingly beautiful..

*Tears away from envy and admiration*

Stick... well, Stick is good. Stick doesn't piss me off anymore. I'm beginning to like Stick a lot. Because Stick talks rough with me, well because I act like a ruffian around Stick too. So uncounth and unbecoming of a young lady but what the huak.. spunkz likes Stick! Stick is funny, Stick is kind... and Stick's one of the few who doesn't judge me. :)

I'm enjoying my uni days pretty much these days. Good things never last, do they? I just hope this one does. At least for the time being.

Ambling aimlessly down the mile,
Thin air is what I grasp and howl,
Dreams do weave in once in a while,
But as swift as they escape like the jungle fowl,
Into my palms I weep and pray,
when will i ever find my way...

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