Saturday, 21 April 2007

True calling

I was flooded by a sudden wave of strong emotion last night while waiting for Brownie to finish his test. The magazine that I was browsing through stirred up old memories of my English tuition classes. Back in those carefree days, it was never a chore for me to attend those classes as I enjoyed the learning process so much. English, to many, is just a dry subject. Especially if it's taught by half-dead, old grumpy teachers who grunt out the verbs and adjectives monotonously.
My journey of English learning was filled with happy memories. My tuition teacher during primary school days put us through reading and grammar practises, comprehension reading and answering exercises, composition-writing practice and various more fun-filled activities. Before each class starts, my teacher will teach us some English songs and make everyone sing along. My favourite part of the tuition would be to greedily sieve through all the reading materials he prepared for us in his "book basket". The drill was pretty much the same in tuition while attending secondary school, albeit having a different teacher who was a good friend of the former one. Only difference is the teacher had a penchant for poetry and would reward us with nice teddy stickers if we did well in spelling and dictation. *chucklez* How i miss those days..
Last night, a most insane thought sprang into my mind... I want to be a teacher, an English teacher for children, a fabulous English teacher, .. and the thought of it made my body trembled.. not out of fear, not out of excitement...but out of sheer surprise and determination. Is this my true calling after all these while?

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