Monday 13 September 2010

My Little Princess

i will go all out for you, little princess
and i love you so

"am i pretty?"

"i think you're beautiful

Sunday 5 September 2010

Appam @ Chanai & Chaya, TTDI Market

I once asked a dear friend why he always wakes up early irregardless whether it is a week day or a weekend.

He shrugged his shoulders and said;
"I'll only have half of my waking hours left if i slept till noon. Feels like such a waste."

For a guy who normally gives me crappy answers to annoy the shit out of me, he got me stumped for a moment.

And that also reignited my ♥ affair with mornings.

I spent my morning visiting the warehouse sale at DKSH yesterday. Boy was it packed despite the early hours. Made a dash for a few items and thereafter, dropped spookz off for replacement class at college.

I had time to whilst while waiting for her, and decided to walk around TTDI market, taking in the sights and scents. It's a convenient spot for breakfast too as I'm partial to a particular stall - Chanai & Chaya, upstairs for either roti, idly, thosai, teh tarik susu lembu and appam.

Unlike usual, it was pretty quiet upstairs as most of the Muslim vendors were not open for business during Ramadhan. However, there was a steady stream of customers heading towards Chaya & Chanai for their morning fuel. I brought papers along and enjoyed leafing through them while waiting and after my meal.

Chanai & Chaya has a few variation of appam - normal, telur and pisang. All are nice in their own right. Craving for a light bite, I opted for the normal version. Auntie sure makes a mean appam because i was in heaven (well, almost!) digging in. I couldn't contain my gluttony and drenced the treat with plenty of sweetened coconut milk. Can't decide I like the moist and fluffy centre more or the slightly charred crisp side. ♥

This is also the only stall I've chanced upon to have appam pisang, a most delightful treat eaten piping hot, with coconut milk and brown sugar. Does anyone have any other recommendations for appam?

Monday 23 August 2010

it's dark, once again

I've been feeling these tiny knots in my stomach for the 3rd time in the past one week and it's really disconcerting. It's barely 2 hours after lunch and there it is again. I suspect it's mild gastritis and I've resorted to constant snacking with hopes that it'll ebb away.

Yes I do know that I brought it upon myself for my irregular meals, once twice or none for the past 2 weeks or so. Call me a glutton for self-punishment. I admit I am. Sometimes having these pains just diverts my focus from other things. I guess it's similar to cutting except I have not attempted it before.

I'm sad. I know why. I don't know why. I need help. I am my own help. I need to cry out. I have cried. I'm strong. I'm fragile. I'm everything you think I am. I am everything you don't know a thing about.

Haruka, the ogre eating goblin.. (Tactics)

My blood is dirty... (Johnny, Vassalord)

.....don't know why haruka and johnny just popped into mind

Thursday 5 August 2010

10 Ways to be a Marketing Genius like Lady Gaga

Like the colours and concept of this presentation. Vibrant yet clear cut. Succinct and concise.

10 Ways to be a Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga
View more presentations from Powered by C3 / SelectNY. Paris.

Saturday 5 June 2010

Loh Mee @ Restoran Sun Ho, Taman OUG

While I'm not a big fan of Loh Mee, much has been heard from colleagues who frequent Restoran Sun Ho in Taman OUG for a stall that serves this noodle dish immersed in dark gravy.

So far, I've been quite unsuccessful in quests to lunch at this place. Once due to its rest day and the second time due to time constraint. But as they say, third time's a charm. And I had the love in tow. So the love is a lucky charm!

A sign was hung above the stall to assure customers that the noodles were free from alkaline water. Awesome. I love how the noodles were served soon after the orders were placed. Why? Because I just wanna eat and run coz the shop was so hottt! Haha.

The stall owners were pretty affable. They even came over to inspect my photos and offer their 2 cents worth of comments after they spied me snapping away upon receiving my orders.

For RM 4.50, you get a huge bowl of Loh Mee with two medium-largish prawns, vegetable, egg and a generous amount of silken pork strips. Definitely a steal for the price.

I think what made this Loh Mee stood out from the others was its flavorful soup base. It was distinctively prawnish. At times, the prawn essence in the soup could get slightly overpowering. But that's ok as it is easily remedied by the vinegar provided. It brings the noodles to an all new dimension, if you like the tang, that is. I liked both versions, with or without vinegar. Heh.

The love didn't like the texture of the noodles (matter of preference) while I find it all right, but proclaimed he could lap up the soup easily. And he did just that. Mmmhmm... delish-ness.

All these trays of eggs belongs to the Loh Mee stall. Notice the jugs beside them? Those are the coffee shop's signature tea and coffee.

If you like your coffee strong, this is the perfect place to head to. I know of a colleague who raves about it because she's the one who directed me to this shop. Oh my, you should hear how she describes it. Hilarious. Apart from that, I find their Teh-C pretty good as well.

-Shop visited in March-

Tuesday 1 June 2010


Noticed this note on Facebook, the lines are authoritative but really sweet :)
Topic: 【我也希望有人对我这样霸道的说话】

2.听着,我允许你喜欢我。除了白头偕老,我们没别的路可选 了!
17.只要你要,只要我有,你还外边转什么啊!老实在我身边 待着就行了!
18.听我的就是,问那么多干嘛!我在你身边,你还怎么可能 走错路!

Sunday 30 May 2010

House of Mother's Heart: Healthy Vegetarian Food

A wild goose chase for a Subway joint led us to this 2-month-old cafe at Kelana Jaya - House of Mother's Heart.

We weren't prepared to see what greeted us inside as we went in without expecting much. Whilst the space inside was not big, its interior was tastefully decked up with lots of mock greeneries which gave the whole cafe an elegant garden feel. Business was bustling as we observed hordes of people thronging the limited space during lunch.

House of Mother's Heart's menu may be limited, but it actually gave the proprietors better focus on the quality of food albeit lesser choice for customers. We were recommended the set lunch of either rice with fungus soup or rice with tomyam soup. Even thought the weather was sweltering, we dove for the latter as it sounded more palatable.

With set lunch priced at RM6.80, it was definitely a steal as it came along with a healthy serving of salad, a cup of tea (not sure genmaicha or mugicha), rice with side dishes of vegetables and a generous serving of tomyam soup.

Salad greens with nuts, seeds and raisins

Tomyam soup with various vegetarian oden. Thumbs up!

Rice with side dishes of corn salad, yummy sambal with bits of shroom-like (u)nidenti(f)ied (o)bjects (UFO) and long beans sprinkled with sesame seeds.

I've always enjoyed vegetarian food and thought that this cafe actually brought it a notch higher. Food was neither too salty nor too oily. We also noticed that they hardly use gluten products and tried incorporating more greens which definitely made their offerings tasted healthier.

Hope House of Mother's Heart keep up its good work and I too hope to find my way back soon to try other stuff.